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“I highly recommend Claire’s alternative approach and what The Natural Health Centre has to offer. Over the past few years I myself have turned to the alternative approach, when it comes to the caring of myself and my body. After going through a childhood trauma, I had suppressed so much anger and pain and this in turn had caused my medication cupboard to become overflowing. But yet I wasn’t getting any better, only more exhausted and more anxious every day. I have been attending Claire, over the past few years and with the work she does and my continuing input to stay in tune with what my bodies needs, and listening to her advice it has helped me most definitely.¬†
It has given me personally a life, free from medical interventions, especially after my diagnosis of fybromalsia, skin flare up’s, asthma, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, food addiction the list was growing.
Today I work with¬† acupuncture along with a good diet and exercise regime and yes, I’m pain free. Continued success Claire and thank you for your beautiful centre its a lovely space to be able to go to.

“Hi Claire I wanted to tell you I am up for ages and have house cleaned and floors washed. Thank you so much. I feel I have so much energy.”

“Hello! How are you I am feeling brilliant after all my treatments during the week, thanks again”